016 Couples + Singles

As we continue this series we move from talking about family and friends and discuss singleness and romantic relationships. We believe that singleness is a vital stepping stone to fruitful romantic relationships. We all experience singleness for different lengths of time and at different stages of life, however it remains true that it is a time in which we have the opportunity to grow individually. This is not to say that we do not grow while involved in a romantic relationship, because the opposite is true, but it does mean that personal growth and sanctification (the process of being made holy or of becoming more like Jesus) is a lot easier while single.

We talk about using your time to grow and to love others well while single and to see it as a gift, rather than a curse. We also discuss how the tools we learn in our family and friend relationships transfer into romantic relationships and we finally get to how family of origin ties into marriage.

We hope you are enjoying this series so far!


  • “Having a desire to be intimate with your BF/GF is not sin, it's a good and Holy desire that God has given you, it becomes sin when you do what Song of Solomon warns against and awaken love before it’s time. so when is the time to awaken love? In marriage.”

  • “There is room for expressing your love and affection for your significant other IN THE CONTEXT OF MARRIAGE as God designed it, but when we start to make room for those things outside the context of marriage, we lose out on the joy that it is to have those privileges exclusively in marriage”

  • “having boundaries in your relationship isn’t always about you being so tempted that you can’t be alone together without it turning into a heated situation, it is about saying ‘I value marriage and I want to preserve the sanctity of it, so I’m going to keep these privileges reserved, set apart for that time when my s/o and I are husband and wife.”

  • “when we say ‘the privilege of lying in a bed together is reserved for marriage’ we maintain the sanctity of the marriage relationship by keeping those privileges set apart. To be holy is to be set apart. so we make that deep intimacy holy by reserving it for marriage, to be experienced between a husband and a wife.

Kimberly Fowler