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Capturing Legacy + Fun



Hi, I'm Kim!

I’m from Orange County, California. I went to Cal State Fullerton to become a teacher and right before applications were due for the credential program, I decided that I did not want to be a teacher. I graduated spring 2017 with a bachelor’s in Liberal Studies. I currently work part-time as a secretary, serve in the Media & High School Minstires at my church, and have big dreams to become my own boss.

I enjoy photography, all things calligraphy, hikes, and coffee. I love Jesus and He's the reason I get up every morning, and His faithfulness and grace is what keeps me going. I would like to spend my days in sweats and in bed. Okay, not all my days. I also really, really enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my friends. I would not pass up an opportunity to dress up and strap some heels on. I have been told that I'm a goofball who can't speak in complete or coherent sentences. 

Most days you can find me in a pair of stretchy pants with a hot cup of coffee, probably scrolling Instagram for food recipes and puppies. 

And I'm Kelsey

Sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m irritable, other times I’m sleeping… hah!

I am 24 years young. I love Jesus with all that I am because He has saved me and made me who I am today and continues to shape and mold me day by day. I like coffee, good books, documentaries, and music from pretty much any genre (though I do have my favorites). I’m a student at California State University, Fullerton planning to graduate this May! For the past 3 years I have been a preschool teacher and babysitter to pay the bills (and support my coffee habit) and this year I plan to start my own small business (more to come on that later).

I am passionate about education (be it institutional or personal), fair trade coffee, non-toxic living, and especially discipling young women, which I get to put hands and feet to through serving in the High School Ministry at my church.