5 Reasons Why I love Young Living


If you have been following me for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen me share about little colorful bottles in my products or diffuser. I seriously love my Young Living essential oil collection which is a company all about natural products that are transparently made. Here are 5 things I love about being part of Young Living.

Product for my ENTIRE family. Not just me.

I've been pitched business models wear this focus is selling clothes or facial products or dieting products. But those are things that do not benefit my family, just myself. And right now, I'm in a stage of life we're being selfish like that makes a huge impact on our family financially. With young living, all of the products that are used in my home benefits everyone in this house, not just me.

It’s more than JUST oils. They have all kinds of things!

 Young Living isn’t just essential oils. They have vitamin supplements that are extremely high-quality at a very reasonable price. They also have a house cleaning line where you can clean your house and your vegetables and your laundry! The Thieves line alone could replace ALL the nasty cleaners that we have in our home - and it already has! They even have dental care stuff like mouthwash, toothpaste, floss! They also have grocery items! Like, what?! There is an antioxidant drink (Ninjxia) that is good for your eyes and your body in general. There is even have facial cleansers lotions shampoo and soaps for both men and women and kids!!  There is one thing that is just for me which is their makeup line full of clean, non-toxic makeup.

The oils are traced back to the farms where they’re grown and distilled!

 Young Living is the only company that I know of that is transparent about where their essential oils are grown, distilled, and bottled.  It's called their “Seed to Seal” promise. T his is important because nowadays there are “essential oil companies“ popping up everywhere, and the FDA does nothing to regulate what is actually inside them!  Go to your grocery store that sells essential oils and look what's in the ingredient list if you can find one! Young Living is transparent about what's in their oil, and they're essential oil blends as well as every other product that they sell.


If you go to the website now, you'll probably see a price that is a bit much! But you might also see a price where you think “I think that's doable for me.”  The price that “seems a little bit more doable,” is only available to members. And it's super easy to become a member, you sign up with someone who is already with Young Living  (me). You become part of their team and you receive your member discount!

If you want to become a member, click this link and you’ll be able to purchase your premium starter kit at member pricing! BUT let me know if you want to sign up because then I can help you through the whole process!

It’s helped me more than I could ever imagine.

This might be TMI but I don’t care. I got a wart on my foot just before getting married. I think it was because I got a blister and somehow a virus of some kind and got into the blister. I've had a wart on my hand before and I didn't want to go through the painful process again. So I looked through natural ways that to get rid of warts naturally. Everything I was finding was said I needed to use a pumice stone, scrubbing it off after soaking your foot, wrapping my foot in duct tape and covering it in nail polish. I tried that for 4 months, not to mention every website I found said that warts take about two years to disappear naturally. After being married a few months Stephen was feeling sick so I put tother a little immunity booster blend from my Young Living oils to help him.  I said I would apply the oils with him and within a month I saw my wart get smaller and smaller to the point where it fell off! 

Honestly, there are many more reasons why I love Young Living, but these are my top reasons. It’s all-natural care that helps my family maintain wellness. 

If you want to know more about Young Living and what they offer, just keep hanging around! This stuff is part of my everyday life and just like I share about my day, sometimes I share about Young Living and oils. Also, you can ALWAYS ask me any questions you have!

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