the navarro family


M A Y 1 8 T H , 2 0 1 9

Maricruz + Josh celebrated Yaretzi’s first birthday with a photo session + cake smash. Now, they’re my kind of people! Maricruz asked if we could have her birthday session at the same spot where they had Christmas pictures taken + her maternity session. I said OF COURSE!

Their favorite spot for pictures is at Carbon Canyon Regional Park where they have a Redwoods grove! What’s funny, is that I’ve been to that park twice with two other clients and we were searching for the Redwood grove and couldn’t find it. So Maricruz + Josh picked me up with Yaretzi in car seat. She was all giggles on the way to the park. Too adorable to handle.

When we got to the park, Maricruz + Josh have it all figured out! Josh pushes a stroller with all the props while Maricruz pushes Yaretzi in a smaller stroller. And by all the props, I mean ALL THE PROPS! And we hiked to our photo session location. Okay, we didn’t hike, it was more like a nature walk. But that’s more walking than what I’ve done in a while, so it felt like a freaking hike! haha!

On our way there, we see a park ranger and I just KNOW he’s going to stop us and say something. My worst fear was that he would have to ask us to leave the park and I’d get fined! So he stops us and says something along these lines:

“Are you going to be taking pictures in the Redwood grove? Just so you know, no props are allowed in the Redwood grove. If you’re caught with props in there, we will have to ask you to leave the park. You can take pictures anywhere else in the park if you have a permit, except the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is off limits. You know some people come here and get paid for taking pictures. You can take pictures with your phones, but not paid stuff. Have a nice day!”

I wanted to die of relief! At first we were a little nervous about going into the Redwood grove with all our stuff, but we decided that the park ranger was giving us some time to go in, do our thing, and get out! So we did.

And I totally understand. Parks are beautiful and should be enjoyed by EVERYONE! Unfortunately, not everyone understands that we need to be respectful of the trees + plants that are just starting to sprout. I mean look at the Super Bloom for example. Flowers were trampled and within a couple of weeks the hills were full of dead + trampled flowers. Parks have permits in place to PROTECT the envrionment from those who don’t care enough. YET, there are people who are able to sneak on without a permit (I’m 100% guilty of this).

ANYWAY! I’m done ranting.

After we do some family portraits, we set up little Yaretzi’s background! So cute! I decided that we wouldn’t do it amongst the Redwoods to play it safe and to have the focus on little Yartezi. Maricruz set up this gorgeous set up of a little lace tent with flowers, a crate, a pail with fresh flowers, and letters spelling out “ONE”! Not to mention that the dress Maricruz wore was ALSO the dress she wore for her maternity session! Those little details are just so sweet!

So we got the pictures we needed of Yartezi before the cake. Enter cake. She doesn’t know what to do, she didn’t get to have her nap because I interrupted. ON TOP OF THAT, the cake falls and ROLLS across the dirt. We tried again, but Yartezi wanted to be picked up. So the rest of the cake smash, she was held by mom + dad while she tried to feed them frosting. She’s too cute guys!

On our way back to the car, I spotted this bench that was perfect to end since we didn’t have the most stellar cake smash session. The bench was a hit! Not to mention Josh with some bubbles came in clutch! I’d say this was a session well done!

Here are some of my faves from their adventurous session!

Location: Carbon Canyon Regional Park, in Brea, California

Kimberly Fowler