catherine graduation


A P R I L 2 7 T H , 2 0 1 9

Catherine is graduating from high school, same one I went to! We actually were part of the same church for awhile! Small world, I know haha!

For our session, we met up at this beautiful park that I pass all the time when I’m in Orange County. It recently had a face lift. It was already a very popular spot for photos, but after this face life, it was a MAGNET! When I had arrived, I saw that it was PROM! Literally everyone and their mother was there taking photos. Not to mention, I went the HARD way down.

At this park, there’s this house at the top. But there’s not way down expect scaling a steep slope. I almost died, but didn’t. One of my goals for every session is: TO NOT DIE. So far so good.

I was able to meet Catherine’s sweet family, where they waited patiently for us to take pictures. The session was great! Catherine was a natural with following directions. Eventually the prom crowd died down and we were able to take some GORGEOUS pictures near the fountain. Like, I mean gorgeous. Mostly ‘cause of Catherine!

After our session finished, I was able to show some pictures to her mom and dad. Mom loved them. Dad starting tearing up! Even I almost started tearing up! Catherine will be going to college in Arizona, and if I was in his shoes, I’d be crying too!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our session:

Location: Hillcrest Park, Fullerton, CA

Kimberly Fowler