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Capturing Legacy + Fun



So here's a little bit about me.

Hey there! I grew up in Orange County, CA (whoop whoop!). Also, I was a Liberal Studies student at Cal State Fullerton - Class of ‘17, baby! My whole life I thought I wanted to be a teacher, that is until it came to fill out applications for “teacher school” I couldn't see myself being a teacher, at least not at that time. I currently am married to my bestest friend, Stephen, and we live in a little apartment outside of Los Angeles, CA with no animals because our lease says we can’t 😩.

I enjoy traveling, spending time with family + friends, and a really great cup of coffee. I am known for having moments where I don’t speak in coherent sentences. It’s just part of who I am 😅. I love Jesus + I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him. He’s the reason I’m in business haha!

Most days you can find me in some eyeshadow + mascara (it helps me feel ready for the day), cleaning the house between emails, and sipping on some coffee which is most likely paired with avocado toast.

I can’t wait to serve you, whether it be family photos, weddings, or anything in-between! And if you want to see what I’m up to, check out my Instagram and say HI!




Oh Kimmy

It first started as a blog in 2015. I wanted to share the amazing things God was teaching + showing me during a difficult period. Eventually, I started lettering + doing calligraphy as a way to process deep feelings of grief. I wanted to share that too, so made a Instagram - naturally. Later that year, a friend + I played around with the idea of starting our own business. It was a short-lived idea, but the idea of starting my own business wouldn’t go away.

2016 I decided to focus on making calligraphy my business. During that year, I received a camera for my birthday! I used it mostly for adventures with friends, taking pics of my work, and sometimes some small church event. Usually, those photos were just part of the calligraphy plan. At the end of that year, I took my family’s Christmas photos, seemed like nothing at the time, but it really helped me step closer to the portrait taking game.

2017 I took pictures for more church events. Kind of became the go-to church photographer. All the while, I felt like I was struggling for calligraphy work and inspiration. Also, I reached out to a friend-of-a-friend who was a wedding photographer and asked if she needed a second shooter, I was interested since I wasn’t sure if that was something that I wanted to even get into. This photographer was INTENSE! I had several shoots with her that year - engagements + weddings. During the time I worked with her, I still wasn’t sure if it was something I was into. UNTIL I had my paying client EVER. It was a graduation session, and I had so much fun and they loved it! I knew then I was hooked. I mean, I wasn’t all in, but I was DEF interested. All the while trying to juggle my calligraphy.

2018 rolls around and I decided that I would be dropping the calligraphy title. My focus would just be photography. Ended up doing a lot of stuff for free or really discounted. That year I also got to second shoot for another photographer for a wedding which was an interesting experience. Also scheduled + booked my first wedding for 2019!! -- Oh, and I also was engaged and got married 5 months after ♥️

2019. It’s currently in the works